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With over 30 years of experience in the retail technology industry, Vicana provides industry leading hardware, software, support, installation and consulting services.  


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What challenges do specialty retailers face?

With many shopping choices, retailers need to invent new ways to encourage customer loyalty.   Providing your customers an efficient check-out experience and finding ways to communicate with your customers using social media can improve your bottom line.

Specialty Retail

• Analyze consumer data to make better inventory, merchandising and pricing decisions

• Provide creative and valuable loyalty programs to your best customers

• Provide a faster way for customers to pay by using self checkout solutions

• Retail-hardened POS systems are designed to withstand dirt, dust, food and other hazards

• Intuitive POS interfaces allow cashiers to check out quickly and efficiently

• Use tablets to increase line speed

• Provide customers with pricing that moves merchandise out the door